Photos by Ana Zilhão

Ana Zilhão

2017 Gotland workshop

"It said workshop on the title but it was an atelier for the soul. Olivia, Krissy, and Linda welcomed me with the warmth of long-lost family, and I felt the weirdest feeling of being home. I took a deep breath and simply enjoyed what was happening around, slowly taking it all in "


Eleni Vonissakou

2017 Gotland workshop

"What a truly wonderful experience the Gotland workshop was! From the amazing location, the utterly beautiful venues, and the out-of-this-world food, to the fantastically talented and super friendly teachers, the informative sessions and the most wonderful, inspiring atmosphere.

From the first moments it felt like I was part of a group of long-lost friends, who met up again to share their common passion in the most dreamy setting. I still miss those candlelit, wine-infused, conversation-filled dinners… And did I mention the food?!"



2017 Gotland workshop

"When I attended the 4-day workshop in Gotland, I thought I would ‘just’ have a nice time photographing, eating and meeting friends. Of course, it was much more than that. Every night my heart was jumping with joy and dancing with deep satisfaction when I went to sleep in my little cottage bed. But the memories, experiences and learnings went beyond the walls of our white farmhouse in Gotland.

The valuable lessons I learned, the new friends I made, the dinner talks we had, the projects we were tasked to do, the challenges we faced, the different viewpoints and perspectives I heard, the new environment we were put into with our cameras, the inspiration I took home with me. All this will stay with me for a long time. And it is that part of the workshop that I loved the most. Processing all these new ideas and inputs and inspirations. Going on a journey and all you know is, that whatever you did so far, whatever you’ve been satisfied with in the past, will be turned upside down. As my friend Sara of Shiso Delicious, who also participated in the workshop, said: “I’ve come to realise that these moments of ‘disturbance’ are there to push us: to try new things, to evolve, to sharpen how we define ourselves.”